Searching and finding a new or used laptop is not easy when you get lots of confusing tech related specs details over the internet. I experienced the same last year, searching one week for just buying a notebook and ended up paying for a gaming laptop in $850. I realized that I should search the basics and write some useful articles for all those who are searching best fit to their needs.


I hope my articles in this blog will help you to find exactly what you are looking for, and at least you will be able to know very basic things and easy to understand or remember tech specs of a laptop for your need

I think reading articles of those authors whose intention is only to give a clear picture and understanding by creating a better searching experience for newbies is no doubt time saving and a big money saving as well, where thousands of articles are full of affiliate links and promoting the products with higher commissions by forcing innocent readers to buy the product which is not designed for them.

Please read my articles and share this information if you also believe that it’s worth reading and have some useful tips and guides to help you save money.

If you have some suggestions or you also have some experience facing any issues to find what you need, please let me know by filling the contact form.


Mian W.M

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